My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
 Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains. Round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare.The lone and level sands stretch far away.

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Who is this man? [x]


Who is this man? [x]


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A:Favorite Game of all time?
Smash Bros Melee, Duh.
B:Favorite Series of all time?
Smash Bros.
C:Least Favorite Game of all time?
Whatever is not Smash bros.
D:Favorite Soundtrack?
E:Favorite Sequel?
F:Biggest Let down?
Paystation All Stars, which is not Smash Bros
G:What're you currently playing?
Smash Bros
H:Favorite local multiplayer game?
Smash BRos
I:Favorite Online multiplayer game?
Smash Bros (i mean it's shit but it has online)
J:Favorite system?
Gamecube, it has smash bros
K:Game you're most looking forward to?
New Smash Bros!
L:Favorite Licensed title?
Smash Bros
M:Favorite Game of last year?
Smash Bros, cause i played it last year
N:Favorite protagonist?
Me, playing smash bros
O:Favorite antagonist?
Anyone playing against me in smash bros
P:Favorite Genre?
Fighting games, mostly smash bros
Q:Any Guilty Pleasure Games?
I mean probably whatever isn't smash bros
R:Most underrated game?
The original smash bros
S:Most overrated game?
The games that are not Smash Bros
T:Best game memory?
That time I Falcon Punched the hell out of everyone in Smash Bros
U:Favorite Handheld title?
Smash Bros 3ds, i played it once, it was a great time
V:First game you remember playing?
Smash bros 64
W:Any games you regret getting rid of?
One time I lent smash bros to my friend, I regretted it immediately
X:What you'd like to change about your favorite franchise?
Make captain falcon an unbeatable god
Y:What game would you want your child to play first?
Smash bros (actually, probably Zelda or something but eh Smash works too)
Z:Game character you most associate with?
Anyone in smash bros

Anonymous said: you should write some of the new 52 comics. like the death of superman in the new 52 canon, the dark knight returns storytelling, gimme ideas! you da man


Okay you ready for this? Throwin’ down some instant DC classics over here. Aight:

Setting: Christmas

>Batman unusually odorous.

>Robin transformed into a chicken.

>Batmobile breaks down in pursuit.

>Joker escapes.

Message me when my Eisner award is ready, I’m outies.


Pity the living, and, above all, pity those who think Frozen is better than Tangled.